About Ellen

I am currently running the Village Victorian  Bed and Breakfast in Morrisville, VT with  my husband Philip. We have been in this business for 13 yrs. and we both agree it is the best thing we have done.

Along with the B&B, which runs all year round, I also have opened a gift store on the premises. I always think of the many things that I have done over my life time as part of an exciting adventure that the Lord has led me on with my husband, and that the things I have done have been in different seasons in my life

Some of the seasons have included raising a family, running a restaurant, and teaching 5th graders. Of course within each season I have made friends, experienced ups and downs, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and grown a lot. I would not change any of my experiences. I really am enjoying the journey.

I have 2 wonderful children who have married wonderful spouses and now I have five wonderful grandchildren. The things I enjoy other than my family are: gardening, decorating, traveling, reading, learning new things.


2 thoughts on “About Ellen

  1. ellen your are very special with your hospilatity & and talents. so glad i got to fellowship. maybe one day i can have the pleasure of cooking you & phil a real southern meal with plenty fresh collards cornbread, plenty butter, salt, and grease. bring rolads.

    love kay whitfield

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