Date Nights

Phil and I have been running our B&B for 13 yrs. now and I am still amazed at how I get encouraged by the guests who pass through our home. Just recently we had a couple come at the last minute. The husband made the reservation and also added flowers and champagne to the package. I immediately thought it must be for an anniversary or birthday, but it was not.

This couple had agreed at the beginning of the year to have date nights and they would take turns planning them and the event would be a surprise. So staying at our B&B was the husband’s surprise date night for his wife. It took them a couple of hours to get here, leaving after work on a Friday, and she had no idea where they were going until they arrived at the door.

The next morning at breakfast they told me of some of their other date nights. Some cost very little, others a little more, but all very creative. The planning, thinking of how to bless the other, and just plain having fun with it has given the couple so much to talk about with each other and I am sure deepening the love they have for one another.

We live in a very goal orientated world full of accomplishing many tasks in one day and some times we forget to just stop and smell the roses.

Phil and I have been married for 43 yrs. and way back in the beginning we started to put time aside for just each other and guess what …. we called them date nights. That extended to Phil taking the children out individually on date nights. Our daughter is married and has 3 children. Her husband takes them out on date nights – just special times with dad. Just recently our son-in-law planned two very special events for his wife’s birthday and she was  one very surprised and blessed woman.

I am thrilled that date nights ( simple or elaborate) are still done by others, that they  continue in the next generation of our family, and most importantly that they continue with Phil and I.



Fun with my camera

Well I finally bought myself a newer camera. Many times when I took pictures of the guests to put on face book with my old camera and then also with the guests’ cameras I would noticed the difference in the quality of the pictures. All that to say I finally decided to upgrade my equipment.

My new camera arrived the  other day and I have been learning how to use it by taking pictures of …. who else but our new grandsons of course! Nothing like a set of twins in the family to keep a photo happy grandmother happy!


Next week I have to get serious about using it for the Bed and Breakfast and take pictures of more items for my online gift store and probably redo some of the old pictures. I am also thinking of adding a new category to the gift shop. I keep you posted on that. Seems like I never run out of things to do around here.

Springtime Bears

In my effort to think of spring in my shop I decided I needed to include some spring in my online shop. Bears come out in the spring right? so I have taken four of my Bearington Bears out of hibernation and put them on the online shop.

I would like to introduce you to Molly Ann, Little Lady, Cheri Bear and Rosie Rosebud. I am just a softy on ordering from this collection because they are so darn cute and I love the price. One of  my guidelines for purchasing for the shop is ” What would I like to buy at a reasonable price when I shop”, and I do enjoying shopping! Hope you enjoy these cute bears.

Spring is coming

Even though snow just dumped on us a few days ago my head and heart are into spring thoughts. My first order of business was to remove all aspects of winter from my gift shop. Since my shop is small (only 2 rooms) and one room is a permanent Christmas Room one would think that to change one room seasonally should be an easy job. However it always takes me longer than I allot for it, but I am making progress. I have ordered in some new spring items and I will soon be updating the online shoppe. Well I need to go back to the shop to continue my spring look inside regardless of the fact that I see the snow just outside the shop door.